Why A Built-In Livewell Is Better Than Using A Cooler

When you're shopping for a fishing boat, one feature that you'll commonly encounter is a live well. You might not have previous experience with using a live well, and this could potentially leave you unaware of its immense value. If you're in a situation in which you're thinking about buying a low-end fishing boat and using a cooler to hold your fish and bait, it's important to instead give strong consideration to a boat that features a live well. This feature is significantly more valuable than using a cooler for the following reasons.

It's Built Into The Deck

Regardless of the size of fishing boat that you use, it's important to keep the deck as clear as possible. When you use a large cooler to hold your bait and the fish that you catch, it will take up a considerable amount of space underfoot. As you move around the deck while fishing, it's possible that you'll trip over the cooler — perhaps either knocking it over so that it opens or causing you to fall and hurt yourself. With a live well, you won't have this concern. The live well is built into the deck so that it's never in the way.

It Has Multiple Sections

While the specific design of a live well can vary from boat to boat, you'll often encounter live wells that have a divider. This means that there are two separate sections in the live well, which can be useful. For example, if you have live minnows that you're using as bait, you'll want to keep them in their own space — not allow them to share space with the fish that you've just caught. Another idea if you're fishing with a partner is to each use half of the live well to keep track of your catches.

It Offers A Better Environment

Even though you're keeping the fish that you catch to eat later on, it's ethical to provide a proper environment for them until that time. A live well offers many things that a cooler does not. Namely, live wells feature pumps that will exchange the water regularly. This means that your fish will be kept in clean, freshwater rather than old water. Additionally, live wells are aerated, which means that oxygen is pumped into the water. Neither of these features is obviously available with a cooler. Talk to a fishing boat salesperson to evaluate different boats, like Lund fishing boats, with live wells and to learn more about this useful feature for anglers.